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the story of the pobroll®

the pobroll® story

We understand that traditional bed baths can be uncomfortable, unhygienic, and challenging, which is why we have created the pobroll® to overcome these issues.

The pobroll® is designed to provide a warm, dry, and dignified bed bathing experience for those in need.

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As a physiotherapist with many years of experience working in residential and nursing homes, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the care we provide to our elderly clientele. I have felt for many years that we do not have adequate methods for properly maintaining a client’s dignity during the invasive processes they have to tolerate, such as continence care. The care industry may pay lip service to notions of dignity and respect, but, in reality, it is very hard to protect the client from embarrassment when providing intimate care.


Is it really any surprise that continence care is often the trigger for challenging behaviours? Added to this embarrassment, the client is invariably left exposed and cold at some point during the process, where they are laying on wet towels or damp sheets while we rush to get them dressed and warm again.

I believe that having a proper wash and feeling clean and fresh every day is a basic human right and essential to our well-being and self-esteem, as well as our health.

However, while most of us can take privacy during this very personal daily routine for granted, for those who depend upon others for their wash, it is an entirely different experience that may be uncomfortable at best and, at worst, an invasion of privacy that leaves both the person and the carer feeling upset or even traumatised. 

Pat O'Brien | Chartered Physiotherapist | Creator of the pobroll®
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so far...

the journey


Equipped with the prototype crafted by a friend skilled in sewing, I proceeded to approach a manufacturer to produce enough copies of the pobroll® for trial purposes in a nursing home.

Having conducted numerous trials in both care homes and private residences, the outcomes exceeded expectations, with overwhelmingly positive feedback received. This was very encouraging and motivated me to progress with the development of the pobroll®

Feedback has been an essential part of the pobroll® journey, and we continue to cherish hearing about your experiences with our product. We take tremendous pride in the pobroll® and find immense joy in receiving feedback from individuals whose lives have been positively impacted by it. Your stories and experiences continue to inspire us in our mission to provide the best care solutions possible.

If you would like to share your experience of a pobroll® bed bath or have any feedback that you think could enhance the experience, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

initial idea

Determined to find a solution to this bed bathing problem, I searched online for any type of equipment or product which might be helpful here, but was surprised to find nothing appropriate. I therefore decided to make my own solution.


The design of the pobroll® had to achieve three main objectives:

Firstly, it had to be able to keep the person being washed, covered, and warm, while enabling the carer to discreetly wash between the two layers of towelling with minimum exposure and maximal maintenance of dignity.


This would significantly improve the experience of the washing process and should reduce anxiety around this very embarrassing, but necessary intervention.


Secondly, it has to be usable by a partner who may themselves be frail, and make the outcome far more satisfactory than is currently possible. It should be easy to lift, manoeuvre, and use and be an indispensable bed bathing tool for both professional carers and people looking after their loved ones.

The third objective is simply to keep the bed completely dry, thereby reducing the risk of the person being washed ending up in damp clothes and eliminating the need to change the bed linen after every bed-bath, which, for an elderly partner sharing a double bed, is an onerous physical challenge. It should also allow for a thorough wash with as much water as is necessary rather than the “wet-wipe wash” habitually provided by carers.

patent granted

The pobroll® was granted a patent in the UK, recognising its unique and innovative design. 

This patent solidifies our commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind solution that revolutionises the bed bathing experience for individuals in need of care.

The granting of a patent means that the pobroll®, has been recognised and legally protected by the government, serving as a testament to the uniqueness and innovation of the pobroll®. It provides assurance to its potential customers that it is a one-of-a-kind product.


The pobroll® is a very versatile and innovative product with many uses in the caregiving field, especially in intimate care.

This was recognised in 2020 when the pobroll® was nominated for the 'Outstanding Care Awards for Devon and Cornwall'.


The awards celebrate the most dedicated individuals, providers, and suppliers in the care industry across Devon and Cornwall.

The awards were due to be presented at an event in June 2020 but have been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


We are so honoured and excited to have been nominated, especially since the pobroll® was still in its infancy.


We fine-tuned the pobroll®'s design and finalised its aesthetics, resulting in what you now recognise as the pobroll®.

After thorough trials, in-depth research, and valuable feedback, and with the utmost attention given to user experience and practicality, we have fine-tuned the "how to use" process. This resulted in a pobroll® that is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive for both carers and individuals.


We were delighted to be selected for the prestigious Alzheimer’s Society Accelerator Programme for dementia innovation, allowing us to learn from people affected by dementia, to ensure that the pobroll® can be the most effective that it can be.

The Accelerator Programme is designed to support people in developing and accelerating their product and service innovations to deliver help and hope to people living with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society will be supporting pobroll® to streamline our manufacturing process, establish a platform, launch the pobroll®, and get it into the hands of people living with dementia.

The pobroll is proudly crafted in the UK by a small, dedicated team of skilled professionals.


With meticulous attention to detail, we source and utilise the finest Italian cotton, ensuring exceptional quality and luxurious comfort for our customers.


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ready to go

This is where we find ourselves now; the pobroll® is ready to go and make your bed bathing experience easier and more comfortable. 

We offer to you the pobroll®, which  aims to address the issues associated with a traditional bed bath and make the whole process less stressful for everyone.

  • It will maintain the person’s modesty throughout the wash by wrapping them up warmly and keeping exposure to a minimum.

  • It will prevent them from getting cold.

  • It will help calm and reassure those who are anxious.

  • It will protect the bed linen from getting wet.

This has been the story of the pobroll® so far. The next stage of its journey will be up to you.

We love to hear your story and how you are getting on with your pobroll®.

a simple idea that works really well

Staff at Mountford House Nursing Home  TRURO - ENGLAND

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