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Feedback from Mountford House Care Team
Feedback from Blossom and Eric
Feedback from Phaedra Gridley
Feedback from Mo and Shirley
Feeback from Renee

what people are saying about the pobroll®

At pobroll®, we created our innovative bed bathing solution with a simple goal in mind: to make the bed bathing experience easier and more comfortable for individuals and carers alike.

It warms our hearts to hear the positive experiences and valuable feedback from our owners, as it reinforces the impact the pobroll® has on enhancing the lives of those who use it.

People who have been using the pobroll® have kindly shared their experiences with us. 

Sarah, Exeter

I can honestly say I do not know how we managed before the pobroll

Ari, Birmingham

Hello pobroll! 
Goodbye to having to change the bed linen

Sarah, Exeter

I can honestly say I do not know how we managed before the pobroll

Maya, Hull

The pobroll worked wonderfully, even with washing Johnnie's hair, the bed still remained dry

Annie, Cornwall

I highly recommend the pobroll, it would be an asset in many care settings

Residents of Breage House have been using the pobroll®

The pobroll® and its innovative design mean it is equally  effective when used by trained professionals in a residential care setting as it is domestically by individuals with no care experience. 

Breage House was specifically developed to provide residential, nursing, and respite care for people with high dependency or complex needs. A few of their residents have been using the pobroll®.

Claudette is a lovely lady in her 50s with Severe Learning Difficulties, Arthritis, and limited mobility.

She showers in a commode chair but also requires washing in her bed. This can be quite messy, and the bed can get very wet.


Due to her arthritis, her legs tend to stay up in the air, and it can be difficult to keep her dignity.


With the pobroll® she is able to be washed on the bed successfully, keeping her dignity and keeping her warm. The pobroll® manages to keep the bed dry.

Phaedra Gridley

Registered Manager at Swallowcourt


Betty's pobroll® story

Taking care of our Mum during the end stage of her dementia journey was a challenging and yet deeply moving experience. My sister Tracey and I took on the responsibility of all aspects of her personal care at home, ensuring her comfort and dignity. And we continued to do this until she sadly passed.

There were many challenges along the way, and this was a far from easy task for us as we had never cared in this way for anyone before. The biggest was ensuring she was kept clean and well presented as this had always mattered a great deal to her.

Mum would have hated to see herself looking untidy. Sadly, her dementia progressed quite rapidly and she went from being mobile to being bed-bound in a matter of a few months. This was very difficult to cope with as all her care needs now had to take place on the bed as she could no longer access the toilet or the bathroom to wash properly. Tracey and I definitely didn’t feel confident in our ability to carry her.

The first time we tried to give Mum a bed-bath it was a complete disaster. Mum hated being cold and had always been very modest, so she reacted with horror when we tried to help her to undress. For this reason, we rushed to get all the intimate washing done very quickly to minimise her embarrassment, but she reacted as if we were attacking her. It was so upsetting.

The bed got wet, as did we, and it was so messy, chaotic and stressful. After that we were left feeling completely defeated. We were at a loss as to how to proceed. It was truly heartbreaking to see her so distraught and by the end of our failed attempt to wash her we were both left in tears and feeling quite traumatised.

We had set off on this journey determined to ensure that Mum remained in her own home until the end of her days, but it was becoming clear that, for her own well-being, we may have to consider residential care as we were unable to cope with the stress that we felt we were inflicting on her every time she needed a wash.

After speaking to some friends, one put me in touch with Pat, and after some advice and reassurance from this wonderful lady we decided to give bed-bathing another go, but this time, equipped with the pobroll.

It was simple to use from the outset and we really had little difficulty working out what to do. We were able to keep Mum covered and warm, and this greatly reduced her anxiety. On occasion when we felt she was getting agitated, we paused to give her time to relax. We found that this worked really well as by the time we resumed washing she had completely forgotten what had been happening and it was as if she had renewed tolerance for another 10 minutes or so before we had to pause again. We hadn’t been able to do it this slowly before as she would get cold so quickly. Unlike our previous attempts at bed bathing, Mum’s bed stayed completely dry, so we didn’t have to change all the bedding after every wash.

By using the pobroll, we could ensure our Mum’s dignity and modesty while keeping her warm and protected throughout the bed bathing process and we could see in her eyes that she was so much happier. My sister and I were both so relieved to have found a way to look after Mum which worked so well. This was such a weight off our shoulders as we had both had sleepless nights worrying about the distress we had been causing at every wash and questioning whether we were really up to the job.

​I am not overexaggerating when I say that the pobroll® was a true Godsend for us. It allowed us to care for Mum in the way she would have wanted us to, maintaining her high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

More than this, it allowed us to be confident to care for her at home (which we had almost given up on) and feel close to her as we shared the emotional journey of her final months. This was, and remains, very precious to us and we are so grateful to have found a solution to what had seemed an insurmountable problem at the start of our care journey.



Nathan and Jennifer's pobroll® story

Two years ago, my husband, Nathan, had a stroke. This affected his balance quite badly and made walking quite a challenge as his right side was very weak and he had to hold onto me to stay safe. On good days he could just about manage to walk with me to the bathroom and back for a shower every morning.


He had always taken pride in his appearance, and he especially wanted to look his best and smell fresh when the grandchildren came over on Sundays. However, this became increasingly difficult when his mobility suddenly got worse after he had a chest infection. It affected his balance quite badly and the carers felt it was too risky to let him try to walk into the bathroom, and decided he would have to have a bed-bath instead. Nathan really didn’t like this at all. He felt embarrassed in front of these young girls and he got really cold when they undressed him on the bed despite their reassurances and their attempts to cover his dignity with a towel. I could see he was uncomfortable.

Afterwards he always complained that he didn’t feel properly clean, and I must admit he didn’t small fresh like he used to when he washed with water and soap. The carers used wet-wipes to speed up the process and stop the bed from getting wet, but the outcome didn’t compare to having a proper shower and left him feeling grubby and damp. I felt awful for him as I couldn’t risk trying to get him into the shower on my own. I’m fairly fit for an 80 year old, but Nathan is much bigger than me, and if he were to fall I wouldn’t be able to get him back up off the floor.

He was starting to dread the carers coming to visit and was always on edge on “bath days”. He would be anxious before the carers came and started to refuse to let them wash him. I was worried that this was having a bad effect on his skin as he was getting red and sore in his skin creases which were increasingly difficult to keep clean. It got to the point where wet wipes weren’t really sufficient, and I was concerned it may start to affect his health.

​I was recommended the pobroll by some friends who had also been using one. So, I contacted Pat and she talked me through how to use the pobroll and how it would help with Nathan’s bed baths.

It was a bit daunting at first, but I set aside a Sunday morning to give it a go, ensuring we had plenty of time to take it step by step. I felt that it went very well for our first attempt and there was no need to be nervous. I followed Pat’s instructions about using it on a double bed and managed to help Nathan roll in and out of it with no issues.


He never complained about feeling cold as I kept him covered within the two soft layers as much as I could, and I think he felt far less exposed than he had done during previous attempts to bed-bath him. He certainly seemed more relaxed. I’m not sure that I got all the folding correct but the important thing was that Nathan had a good wash and said he was feeling really fresh afterwards.


I managed to remove the pobroll without the bed getting wet, and put it through the wash with no problems at all and was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it was. I was actually quite delighted as giving Nathan a top-notch wash gave me an unexpected sense of achievement.

Since then, the pobroll bed bath has become our Sunday morning routine. We are both familiar with it now and there is no anxiety around bed-bathing anymore. I take my time, doing it bit by bit, giving Nathan time to understand what I am doing and without rushing him (since the stroke he needs more time to understand and process information). I can use as much water as necessary and he enjoys the pampering with all his familiar toiletries which leave him smelling like Grandad used to.


The pobroll works really well for both of us. Nathan gets to have a thorough wash and I get some satisfaction knowing that I am contributing to his well-being in a way which genuinely makes a difference to him.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the pobroll® to anybody in a similar situation.


Betty's pobroll® story

Nathan and Jennifer's pobroll® story


The Staff and Residents at Mountford House Nursing Home trialed the pobroll® to test its effectiveness in a care setting and kindly shared their experience.

Annie Scott

Our home specialises in end-of-life care and residents with long term conditions and have national accreditation in end-of-life care.

The home has been asked to trail the pobroll® for one of our residents, for which we were happy to do. For GDPR purposes, this lady will be named Maud. Maud’s past medical history consists of End Stage Parkinsons, Vascular Dementia with a Frailty Score on the Rockwood scale of 7 (indicating complete dependency on staff for cognitive and physical deterioration).


Maud is completely immobile and bedbound as she is unable to move her limbs or head independently. All of her limbs are also contracted, and she has no sitting balance which makes her at risk of falls. Her Braden score (skin integrity tool) is also high, and she is at risk. Maud is nursed on a deep-cell air mattress, as she is at high risk of developing pressure ulcers. She wears an analgesic patch to reduce pain and maximise comfort.

While using the pobroll® it has helped staff tremendously, as it enabled them to bed bath, and dry Maud with ease, with no discomfort to her. Staff found it easy to use. Usually, staff who have bed-bathed residents end up with wet bedding, mattresses, and themselves. Without the pobroll® it is not a dignified procedure, and it can be an uncomfortable experience.

The pobroll® comes highly recommended, and it would be an asset in many care settings. Pat has spent time, with years of professional experience, researching and designing a product that really does work.


(Senior Nurse RGN)

a simple idea that works really well

Staff at Mountford House Nursing Home 


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We deeply appreciate the positive experiences and invaluable feedback shared by our owners, as it further emphasises the meaningful difference the pobroll® makes in enhancing the lives of its users. We invite you to kindly share your own unique experience with the pobroll® below. Your insights play a crucial role in shaping the future of our product and the quality of care it provides.

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